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Instant Runoff Voting

Downsize DC

Instant Runoff Voting

school_1Wouldn’t you like to vote FOR someone for a change, instead of picking the lesser of two evils? 

One thing we can do to open up the political process is enact Instant Runoff Voting. 


It works like this: 

When you go to the voting booth, you rank your candidates in the order of preference, 1, 2, and 3.

That’s it! 

When tallying the vote, if no one has a majority or 51%, the person in last place is scratched from the ballot, and if that happened to be your #1 choice, your vote shifts to your #2 selection. 

Then the votes are tallied again and the process repeats until someone has won a majority. 

This would completely eliminate the FEAR component of voting for one person so someone else doesn’t get elected.  The whole ‘Wasting Your Vote’ or ‘They Can’t Win" argument goes away.

This website has more information and video:




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Instant Runoff Voting

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